Constitution of the BFAA


Section i. The name of this organization shall be the Ballew Family Association of America established May, 1980.

Section i. This organization shall be historical, genealogical and educational.
It shall not engage in partisan political activity, but this shall not at any time prevent it from researching, printing, or otherwise causing to be known any genealogical or historical material which may reflect political content.

Section ii. The purpose of this organization is to bring into contact all those persons who are genealogically researching Ballews and allied families. The ultimate purpose of this organization is to publish a Ballew Family history containing as many branches of the Ballew family as can be documented. To this purpose, The Ballew Family Association of America will accept, file, preserve, and possibly publish records as they are received..

Section i. Membership in the organization is available to all individuals regardless of surname or ancestry, libraries, or societies, which is on a yearly basis, beginning 1 January to 31 December of each year.
Section ii. Each member shall pay dues of twelve dollars ($12.00) per year, payable in advance or in January of each year. Membership dues may be in printing costs and/or materials of same; any such change shall be at the discretion of increased or decreased to reflect any change in the size and/or quality of any publications of the organization, or to reflect changes the Officers of the Association.

Section iii. All prospective members, other than libraries or societies and individuals with no Ballew ancestry, are required to submit lineage charges to their earliest proven Ballew ancestor.
Section i. The Ballew Family Association of America shall have a President, Vice President Membership, Treasurer and secretary, which shall comprise all duties requisite with the organization.
Section ii. Additional officers may be elected or appointed within the organization to serve in any capacity as may now or hereafter be provided for.

Section i. The revenues of the organization shall be derived from annual membership dues, from donations, legacies, and bequests, and from such other sources as the Officers of the Ballew Association may on occasion provide.

Section i. The Ballew Family Association of America shall publish a magazine THE BALLEW FAMILY JOURNAL, which shall contain historical and genealogical records of a private and public nature on the local, state, and national level. The publication shall be provided at no cost to members of the organization and shall be published annually beginning January 1982.
Section ii. The Editor of The Ballew Family Journal assumes no responsibility for errors of fact, or opinion, expressed by contributors., It is his earnest desire to publish only reliable source material of a genealogical or historical nature. Materials for publication are welcome. Please type such materials or send Xerox copies of original records.

Section iii. Back issues of The Ballew Family Journal will be available to all persons, libraries, and societies at a rate at least equal to and no less than, the annual membership dues or pre-rate portion thereof.

Section i. All genealogical and historical material, including member’s lineage charts, will be preserved by The Ballew Family Association of America to be eventually deposited with the Georgia Department of Archives and History, Atlanta, Georgia..