2017, A Year of Transition

To my extended family,

I first want to thank everyone for their patience and support through this past year. We lost a great deal with Paul’s passing these past few years who managed every aspect of the association’s online presence.  In the past year, we needed to recreate a new web domain, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

I want to personally thank, Barbara, Jeanie, Jean and Harold, Susan, and many others for working with me to start building out our online presence. Barbara especially by preserving the previous web site information in the archives which allowed me to transfer everything into our site, www.ballewassociation.org.

I am finally getting back to my own genealogy with my 2017 goals to get through the “Ballew Family Journals”  and transfer those contents in building one online family tree.

Here are links the primary links:

Best and Enjoy the Reunion this Weekend!

Family Volunteer