2017 Ballew Family Reunion Announced

I am excited to announce the 2017 Ballew Family Reunion will take place on Saturday, August 19th at 10:30 am. The location will be the Fellowship Hall of Mauldin First Baptist Church in Mauldin, SC and more details to follow soon.

Please mark this date on your calendar and I look forward to meeting everyone!

Best, Joe

BFAA Webtrees – New Feature

BFAA recently updated the Family Tree page by implementing the open source web-based genealogy application, webtrees, to provide a collaborative environment for our members. The program allows any member to edit the BFAA pedigree tree or to create their own “free” personal family tree. The program supports individual GEDCOM import/export so you can always maintain your data and back it up.

These are only some of the features, but please do not hesitate to reach out for support by emailing at joe@ballewassociation.org or use our support link, “Leave a Message” at the bottom of each page.


BFAA Web Administrator

Shop and Checkout

The Ballew Family Association of America (BFAA) eCommerce section is open for business with two new products in our shop. The first product, 2016 Ballew Association Dues – New Member,  allows new members to join the BFAA whom will receive the Ballew Family Journal, published yearly,  and will be emailed a copy of the 2016 journal to start enjoying their membership immediately.


The second product, 2016 Ballew Association Dues – Renewal, is for our current members to renew their membership to continue receiving the journal, but also financially support the journal development and other  resources like this web site dedicated to building a community of  people interested in their heritage.


Joe, BFAA Web Administrator


Reference book posted

Appreciate the iExchange comment by Allan providing the reference to this book that mentions a number of Ballew ancestors in our research tab.

Ballew Names: Mary Bellew, Abraham Bellew, Isaac Bellew, Elizabeth (Bettie) Bellew,

Spelling Surname References: Bellyew, Bellview, Bellew, Bellue, Belloo.

Back online @ BallewAssociation.org

We are back online! We hope you like the new page format and welcome comments (good, bad, and indifferent :)). The following updates have been made.

  • New surname rankings added to the sidebar
  • Updated George Washington Ballew descendants
  • Added James Ervin Ballew information
  • Removed Album page and added links to individual albums under the Gallery Page.