2019 Bellew Reunion in Ireland

We have received some inquiries about the upcoming International Bellew Reunion in Ireland.

The date for the 2019 Bellew reunion has not been determined as yet, but has previously been held in July. The exact date and place for the reunion are usually set by February, so I will post another update as soon as we have this information.

Best regards,

Susan Mitchell

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Ballew Association! We will be renewing our efforts this year to start providing you links and a group email to ask your questions to the membership to support your genealogy efforts!

Joe, Ballew Association Volunteer.

Event: International Ballew Family Association Reunion

When: August 18, 2018, Saturday, at 10 AM

Where: Mauldin First Baptist Church, Mauldin, SC 29662

A quick reminder that the Ballew International Family Association Reunion will be Saturday, August 18, at the First Baptist Church of Mauldin, SC. The reunion will start at 10 AM. We only ask anyone attending to bring a side dish. The meat, drinks, and dessert will be provided.



Event Update: Ballew-Jasper Reunion

The new date is Saturday, September 1, 2018, at 10:00 AM until…

The Pavilion at Russell State Park in Elberton, Georgia.

Dennis Bellew is the host of the reunion and promises some delicious barbecue, and everyone else takes their favorite covered dish!

There will be a discussion on our genealogy, some great food, along with a great time!
A battle in the Revolutionary War was fought at Russell State Park, which sits along the Savannah River.

On Sunday, as an added bonus, Dennis has kindly offered to lead a group up to Mt. Airy, NC, to visit the burial site of “Old Jacob” Bellew.   He has also offered to lead another tour on to Glassy Mountain in South Carolina, to visit other family sites, if enough people are interested in making the trip!  For those who want to learn more about our family heritage, and those who enjoy some of the colorful tales of our ancestors, this would be an incredible trip!

So please make your plans to join everyone for the Bellew-Jasper reunion in GA, on Saturday, September 1, 2018, followed by a day or two of touring family sites in NC and SC!

2017, A Year of Transition

To my extended family,

I first want to thank everyone for their patience and support through this past year. We lost a great deal with Paul’s passing these past few years who managed every aspect of the association’s online presence.  In the past year, we needed to recreate a new web domain, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

I want to personally thank, Barbara, Jeanie, Jean and Harold, Susan, and many others for working with me to start building out our online presence. Barbara especially by preserving the previous web site information in the archives which allowed me to transfer everything into our site, www.ballewassociation.org.

I am finally getting back to my own genealogy with my 2017 goals to get through the “Ballew Family Journals”  and transfer those contents in building one online family tree.

Here are links the primary links:

Best and Enjoy the Reunion this Weekend!

Family Volunteer

Letter from Susan Mitchell, BFAA President (Reunion Details)

Dear Family Members,
I hope you all are well and enjoying this beautiful spring of 2017!
I am writing this letter to share the news with you all regarding our Ballew Family Association.  Due to health issues, some of our founding officers have changed their level of involvement in the association to become executive advisors, and we are most appreciative for their invaluable contributions! The operation of the Ballew Family Association has been moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Greenville, SC, and we are excited to begin the next chapter in our association.
Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Susan Mitchell, daughter of Frances and Norman Poole, grand-daughter of Geneva Ballew Galloway, and great granddaughter of Emma and James Ervin Ballew, who descends from the common line of #39 George Washington Ballew.
I am honored to serve as your President, and I am grateful for our Vice President, Bob Ballew, Treasurer, Linda Moon, and Secretary Jean Ballew, our Research team, Bob Ballew, Brenda Griffin, Jeanette Garrett, and Joe Osborne, our DNA Project team, Robert & Carla Ballew, along with Ron Mitchell, our Chaplain, Niki Ballew, and last but not least, our Website Administrator, Joe Osborne, who has done a phenomenal job of coordinating all information to get our website up and functional.
When gathering my thoughts about writing this letter to you, I thought about the importance of our family connections and how they should be important to all of us.  We are so busy with the day to day business of life, the activities of our children, grand-children, health issues, and work commitments, that we do not really think about our heritage, from where and who are we descended, what were the dreams and struggles of our early family members, what made them strive to carry on the family name even under adverse circumstances, and who among us will carry the torch of family history for future generations?
I am calling on YOU, your brothers, sisters, cousins, parents, and grandparents, those who share the common thread of our heritage, no matter the spelling of the surname, we are joined by that simple, yet incredible thread.  Time is a precious commodity, older family members are passing on, and their memories are such a treasure for all of us, so we must make the effort to learn about our family’s heritage, we must take the time to reach out to others in our family, and dear members, that time is NOW.
We would like to invite you all to join us for our the 2017 Ballew reunion on Saturday, August 19, 2017, at 10:30 AM.  We usually ask each family to bring a dish, and the association furnishes the meat and drinks, however this year we wanted to invite you as our guests for lunch.  If you can plan to attend, please reply by email, to me at ssm1225@aol.com, or leave a message by phone (864) 627-9893.
Our reunion will be held at Mauldin First Baptist Church, 150 S. Main Street, Mauldin, SC  29662.
You can make a difference in your immediate family by saving the date, and making a plan to join us in August, for what promises to be a very informative and exciting weekend!  We are planning to discuss some very interesting topics such as DNA, and our family’s history in the upstate of South Carolina.
I would like to ask if you or a family member have any stories or facts to share concerning the Ballews, please forward them to this email.  We would love to publish interesting facts or true stories about our current members or ancestors in the family journal.
We are hoping you will plan to join us for this wonderful time and as an added bonus, enjoy some time in our beautiful city, Greenville, South Carolina. Please see www.visitgreenvillesc.com. There are several lovely hotels in downtown near or on the Reedy River, and fabulous restaurants that are sure to please any appetite. For those who will be in town on Friday, we would love to meet for lunch in downtown and drive to Glassy Mountain, a beautiful resort community nearby, which also happens to be the home of one of our family cemeteries, dating back to the 1800’s.  Please reply to this email or by phone if you would like to join us!


We would also like to remind you that the annual dues to join the Ballew Family Association of America, are $ 12.00 per person, so please join today, and encourage your immediate family members to do the same.  There is no time like the present to celebrate the past!

On a final note, if you, your parents, or grandparents, have any letters, documents, diaries or files related to the family, please make a copy and bring them to the reunion.  There are many instances of letters and documents being discarded after a loved one’s passing, without any thought of the significance to our family heritage, so please talk to your family members and ask about these things, so they may be preserved for future generations.

For questions or comments, please contact me at ssm1225@aol.com.
Best Regards,